SimMETIS is the data simulator for METIS. It is an adaptation of ScopeSim (which itself is derived from SimCADO). In the current version (v0.4), released on 3 March 2022, it supports the L, M and N band imaging and long-slit modes. The IFU modes will be supported in the near future.
ScopeSim 0.4.0 Long-slit spectroscopy demonstration


The METIS data simulator (SimMETIS for short) is technically an instrument package for the generic simulator ScopeSim. Please see its documentation for all information. The latest version (0.4) was released on 3 March 2022.

SimMETIS simulations of the young stellar object HD 100546 (provided by Eric Pantin), as observed for one hour with METIS in the L band long-slit spectroscopy mode. The input image is shown on the top left, the raw simulated 2D spectrum is shown on the bottom left and the background-subtracted 2D spectrum is shown on the right. The slit orientation corresponds to the horizontal direction in the image image. The extended emission can clearly be seen in the 2D spectrum. A PAH feature can be seen at ~3.3 micron, particularly in the extended emission.